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Self-paced Learning

Step #1 – Video

Why Breathing

get a sense of this work
(4-minute video)

Step #2 – Video

 The Vital Breath

learn the 3 dimensions of better breathing
(20-minute video)

Step #3 – Course

Your Breath Your Truth

work with your breath specifically
(3-hour learning event)

Learn in Phases – Thank for taking the next step to Breathe Your Truth.

Phase one is the most important phase of this work. Once you get this, the next two phases unfold with ease and excitement. In phase one, you will:

  • Improve awareness of those breathing behaviors that are helpful, and those that are not.
  • Learn how to improve your breath chemistry with the help of Phase one activities, education, and capnography biofeedback.
  • Experiment with different guided breathing practices to further build your breathing skills.

In phase two we add some life to what you learned in phase one. We take the good chemistry and good mechanics into action. No doubt you have already started to do this on your own. In phase two, you will find:

  • Activities to help integrate the breath work into daily activities
  • Activities to challenge breath resiliency
  • Activities to challenge your ability to stay in nose breathing
  • Next level postural work using the breath
  • Education on how to integrate breath awareness into daily activities and into exercise
  • Education on the importance of sleep and nutrition

In phase three we lean into the breath practices you’ve mastered up to this point. We’d be remiss not to admit that parts of this work are downright hard. And in that, the hard work comes with its own rewards:

  • For those working to improve athletic performance, we’ll be decreasing oxygen availability for short periods of time with breath holding during intense activity. This elevates CO2 levels and helps to reset the chemical sensitivity to allow for higher tolerance of CO2 during training and performance.
  • For those working to deepen a meditation practice, we’ll be doing just the opposite. We’ll be increasing oxygen and decreasing CO2 temporarily to allow for extended periods of breath-holding and sublime focus.

Some of you will want to play in both worlds. We get that. We do too.

Take a Course!  Check out our latest courses and content.

Course for explores

Course – Your Breath Your Truth works with your breath specifically (2-hour learning experience).


Education for coaches

Course – BYT 100 OnDemand provides the fundamentals of breath work and can be taken as a stand-alone course.