Breathe Your Truth Pricing

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Starter Package

30 Min Introductory Session
1-Month CapnoTrainer rental
4 Coaching Sessions

Additional Notes:

  • Prices are in US Dollars. Payments can be made by visiting, mailing checks, or by email/phone if you prefer. Contact if you would like more information.
  • Use of a CapnoTrainer® is required for a minimum of 4 Coaching Sessions.
  • Rental charges can be directly applied to the purchase price of a CapnoTrainer.

Connect with us to inquire about registering for a course or hosting the series in your area.


The Capnotrainer™ is a biofeedback tool developed by Better Physiology. This device allows us to monitor breath carbon dioxide, a key indicator of breathing behavior and blood chemistry. Providers will need to purchase or have access to this technology. Learners may want to have their own device for home practice, but this is NOT required. Many learners are successful without purchasing the technology for additional practice.

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Physical Therapist Testimonial

I feel so fortunate and appreciative to have been able to purchase the Capnotrainer and put my new program into effect right away. I have completed EIGHT Breathworks evaluations over the past two weeks since receiving my Capnotrainer. People LOVE it and the buy-in for breathing work is immediate. Through a normal course of care with half of those patients, my clinic will have paid for the cost of the device. That’s amazing to me.

Allison Harney, PT, DPT

Clinic Director

Therapeutic Associates Oak Grove OR