let’s start with the basics

From starting your journey with self-paced learning… to working with a coach… to becoming a coach… start Breathe Your Truth here:

Why Breathing?

(4 min)

Why Breathe Your Truth?

(1 min)

The first step in understanding your breathing

While no self-report tool is fool-proof, we find value in this scientifically validated questionnaire – The Nijmegen  Questionnaire. This is one of several tests we use to help understand each person best starting point.

Greater Than 19

Research indicates that you may have breathing pattern dyfunction and will benefit from Phase 1 Foundation work.  This is about improving base-line breathing at rest and during sleep. We improve breathing mechanics, blood CO2 levels, and breath awareness.

Between 12-18

Our research indicates that you may have the basics down. Nice work. There may be room for you to improve in Phase 2. This is about integrating better breathing into daily acitvities and exercise.

Less Than 10

It seems that breathing is on your side. Congratulations. You may be ready for Phase 3. This is about building resiliency with the breath for stronger health and performance – no matter what game you’re playing. 

Self-paced Learning

Your Breathe Your Truth

Your Breath Your Truth

This self-paced course identifies your current breathing skills & helps you unlock greater power through the breath. It takes most people a few hours over 1-3 days.

Investment: $49