BYT 300 & Quiz, November 13, 2022, Live-online


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BYT 300 builds on the activities and techniques of the three-phased approach to this program, with an emphasis on Phase three activities. This course prepares the participant for the BYT 300 Quiz, which is included in this course and may be completed at a later date.

  • Total Time:
    • 8 hours class time
    • 1 hour BYT 300 Quiz
  • Dates:
    • Part A Sunday November 13  7 AM – 11 AM US Pacific
    • Part B Sunday November 13  12 PM  –  4 PM US Pacific (actual time may vary based on group preference) 

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Course Description:
The third and final course in this series is a chance to go big. Here we investigate the Oxygen Advantage protocol as well as ancient breathing practices that have been used to reach deeper states of consciousness and human potential. The content is fascinating and sweet, as well as physically, chemically, and emotionally challenging. To participate in the full content of this course, participants will need to demonstrate their own good breathing patterns consistent with Phase three criteria of the BYT treatment approach. A participant may observe and participate on a smaller (yet significant) level if they are still in progress to meeting Phase three criteria. Please note, this will apply to several people in each class. It’s okay!

Desired Outcomes (objectives):
Participants will leave with:
A deeper understanding of the Phase three treatment approach
• An understanding of how intentional hypocapnia, hypercapnia, and hypoxia can improve performance, awareness, and physiology - and the risks with doing these practices too early or unskillfully
• An understanding of other breath work practices that augment or support this work
• An understanding of the next potential learning steps
• An appreciation for the impact of imagery and intention
• The ability to safely teach entry-level versions of the Heart Mirror and Oxygen Advantage protocol

• BYT 100, and access to a CapnoTrainer® recommended. Contact us for more details.

• Web-based or In-Person training.


CapnoTrainer® access (recommended), tape measure, goniometer, pulse Oximeter



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