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Why work with a coach?

How we work...

3 simple steps to better breathing

1. Pathway to Better Breathing Call & Plan

Book your free 30-minute Pathway to Better Breathing Call with us. We’ll help you decide if this work is feels like a fit. – no charge.

2. Begin with Your Starter Kit & Weekly Coaching

Select our Starter Package for an ideal match, including four 45-minute coaching sessions and a month-long CapnoTrainer® rental. We'll ship the device directly to you. Dive into personalized sessions utilizing capnography to precisely tailor your breathwork journey, removing all guesswork and focusing on your unique goals.

3. Enjoy Better Breathing

By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey, you will receive support, accountability, and inspiration. Our community will provide you with valuable resources, insights, and encouragement to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

What our other clients say...

What is a CapnoTrainer® and why do we use one?

The CapnoTrainer® is a biofeedback tool rented to help inform that coaching process. This biofeedback device allows us to monitor breath carbon dioxide, a key indicator of breathing behavior and blood chemistry. 

This technology to super-valuable in helping us objectively understand where to start, and what practices are working.

We mail it to you when you’re ready to start.


Book Your 'Pathway to Better Breathing' Call Now

Book your FREE 30-minute Pathway to Better Breathing call with us. We’ll help you decide if this work feels like a fit. – no charge.

Check our schedule below and select a day and time that suits you. Enter your contact details and you’re done. We’ll send you an email with a confirmation of the day and time of your call, plus a Zoom link to use on the day.