Become a Breathe Your Truth Coach

Why become a coach?

Embarking on the journey to become a Breathe Your Truth coach is an opportunity to profoundly impact lives, beginning with your own.

This work allows you to create a nurturing space where individuals can deeply connect with their breath—a process that ranges from gentle and enlightening to dynamic and transformative.

Teaching a Breathe Your Truth Class

Prevalence: Join the Solution

The prevalence of breathing pattern dysfunctions is startling, far exceeding past estimates.

Where once 2-12% of people were thought to be affected, recent advancements suggest 60-80% of us breathe in ways that are not optimal. The pace and pressures of modern life only add to this challenge.

By becoming a Breathe Your Truth coach, you step into a crucial role.

You become part of the solution, addressing this widespread issue and guiding others towards healthier breathing patterns.

Versatility: Diverse Applications

Breathwork transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly integrating into numerous disciplines. Whether it’s Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic, Dental, Acupuncture, Yoga, Pilates, or Qi Gong, the principles of healthy breathing are universally applicable.

As a certified Breathe Your Truth coach, the choice is yours.

You can bring this transformative work into your current practice or setting.

Alternatively, you might explore the opportunity to join our dedicated Breathe Your Truth team.

The possibilities are as limitless as the benefits of proper breathing.

Breathe Your Truth coaching

Coach Training Series & Certification: Start Your Journey

Dive into our Breath Your Truth (BYT) training at your own pace, without the immediate commitment to full certification.

We recommend beginning client sessions and your marketing efforts after completing BYT 200—there’s no need to delay your impact.

Our certification unfolds across five essential stages:

The CapnoTrainer®… and why we use it

The Capnotrainer®™ is a biofeedback tool developed by Better Physiology. This device allows us to monitor breath carbon dioxide, a key indicator of breathing behavior and blood chemistry. BYT 200 requires access to a CapnoTrainer.

3 simple steps to better breathing

1. Register for a Course

Kickstart your journey by enrolling in our foundational BYT 100 course. This first step will equip you with the essential tools and knowledge to begin understanding and teaching effective breathwork practices.

2. Complete the Training Series

Progress through the training series from BYT 200 to BYT 500, deepening your expertise with each level. As you learn, start implementing the techniques in your own life and with clients, even before full certification, to start seeing the transformative effects.

3. Make a Lasting Impact

Upon certification, integrate your new skills into your professional practice or start fresh with your unique breathwork coaching business. Transform not only your life but also the lives of others by guiding them towards healthier, more conscious breathing patterns.

Discover more about becoming a Breathe Your Truth...

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