Through the breath, we can directly influence our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Benefits of Breathing Better

Breathing better makes life better. Breathing better channels resources into the things you want to do and the ways you want to be. It means that the breath balances blood pH and the autonomic nervous system while circulating more nitric oxide. Breathing better improves movement, mood, and digestion. It means that we get better at living large. It means that we sleep, rest, and repair better. It means that you can be still, content, insightful, and inspired, on your terms. Breathing better gives you access to your best life.

Find Your Starting Point

While no self-report tool is fool proof, we find value in this scientifically validated questionnaire – The Nijmegen  Questionnaire. Your score may indicate your starting phase.

Your score can help determine where you we might start in the Coached -Learning

Greater Than 19

Research indicates that you may have breathing behavior that would benefit from Phase 1 (Foundation) work.  Register below to see the work of this phase. Sign up for a coach, or continue with self-guided learning below. 

Between 12-18

Our research indicates that you may have the basics of breathing down. Nice work. There may be room for you to improve in Phase 2 (Daily Activity) practice. Sign up for a coach, or continue with self-guided learning below.

Less Than 10

It seems that your baseline breathing is on your side. Congratulations. You are likely breathing well at rest and during daily activities. You may be ready for the big work that comes in Phase 3 (Performance). Sign up for a coach, or continue with self-guided learning below.

phases to explore

Phase 1

Gain the incredibly valuable skill of improving chemistry and physiology, at will, through the breath. Capnography feedback and home practice are key to this phase.

Phase 2

Take the skills from Phase 1 into daily activities. This is where the work starts to make lasting changes.

Phase 3

Ninja-fy the work from Phase 1 & 2. This phase is designed for those wanting to improve athletic performance or go deeper in self-discovery meditative practices. This phase is an optional stop on the path back to the profoundness of Phase 1.

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