Through the breath, we can directly influence our physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Whether you want to stick to the well-paved path of science, physiology, and body functions or you want to venture off into the less-defined mystery of the breath, we think there is something wonderful for you in the breath.

Benefits of Breathing Better

Breathing better makes life better. Breathing better channels resources into the things you want to do and the ways you want to be. It means that the breath balances blood pH and the autonomic nervous system while circulating more nitric oxide. Breathing better improves movement, mood, and digestion. It means that we get better at living large. It means that we sleep, rest, and repair better. It means that you can be still, content, insightful, and inspired, on your terms. Breathing better gives you access to your best life.

Coaching Session Description 

The weekly coaching sessions are generally 45-minute in person or web-based experiences. Coaches guide explorers through a three-phase breath work learning system using capnography technology to monitor the physiological effects of the breath. This objective measure takes the guess work out of breath-work and makes it very specific to the person learning to breathe better. Explorers receive breath-work activities and education to help the learning stick and to speed the transformative effects of this work.

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Want to learn for yourself? 

Here’s roughly how it goes…

  1. You have interest and you check out our web site. We’re super happy about that.
  2. You decide to dig a little deeper and schedule a formal Introductory Session
  3. If this works seems like a fit, you purchase a package of sessions, generally 4-8 of them
  4. We send you a CapnoTrainer® in the mail with software download instructions
  5. We start doing this good work over a web-based platform, like Zoom or Skype
  6. You start realizing the impact of this work
  7. We smile


Things you’ll need

  • Computer with good internet connection
  • Speaker, microphone, and a camera (we want to see and hear you)
  • Quiet, distraction free, or at least distraction lite environment
  • At least a little excitement and curiosity


We’ll help with the rest

Athlete Testimonial

Besides the therapy I had on location with Deppeler, I learned breathing techniques I still use every day. As an elite runner, it has been incredibly important. I felt an immediate change in training and noticed daily improvements. This work has also improved my sleep. I am happy to wake up feeling better.

Cameron Levins: 2012 Olympian, three-time Canadian XC Champion, 2012 Olympian, Canadian record holder in the 2 mile and the Marathon

Athlete Testimonial

I was wheezing and feeling tightness in my chest during hard workouts, and I had been told by doctors that I could implement a regimen of inhalers. I was uncomfortable with the diagnosis, and wanted to first try a more holistic approach. That’s what lead me to try David’s breath work program. I am so happy I did. Going through the breath work program has been a game changer for my athletic training and racing. I feel more in control and confident in my running workouts, and I am hitting personal bests in races. There is never one magic bullet with performance, but I now count breathwork as a fundamental component of athletic training, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to improve performance, however that is defined.

Kate Grace, Olympian, 2016 Olympic Finalist, Team USA Track Athlete, 5x Team USA member, Pro Runner, Nike Athlete

General Health Testimonial

“I was really struggling with my response to stress and some physical issues that were affecting my everyday life. I under the impression the breathing techniques I had used in the past were working in my favor. Within the first ten minutes, I realized there was more to it. Over the next month, I changed my response to stress with exercise and breathing practices. The difference has been astounding.“

Michael Ewing
Portland, OR

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