David’s Story

Imagine, amid a seemingly ordinary day, uncovering a revelation so profound that it steers your life in a wholly unexpected direction. 

This is where my story took a turn—not in a dramatic moment of action, but in a quiet day at a clinic, amidst the routine of helping others heal.

For years, I dedicated my life to physical therapy, specifically orthopedic manual therapy. 

My hands were my tools, and through them, I sought to bring relief and mobility back into the lives of those I worked with. I delved deep into the complexities of the human body, eager to unlock the secrets of healing. 

David Deppeler, founder of Breathe Your Truth
David Deppeler, founder of Breathe Your Truth

But one day, amidst the hum of the clinic and the familiar routine of sessions, a thought struck me with the force of a revelation: If there was one change that could truly transform someone’s well-being, it wasn’t just physical. 

It was something deeper, something pre-language, pre-thought. It was their breath.

This realization opened a path I never anticipated. I began to explore the world of breathwork, not just as a clinician but as a student of my own dysfunctional breathing patterns. 

My journey into breathwork wasn’t smooth; it was filled with trial and error, frustration, and moments of surrender. 

But it was in one of those moments of letting go that I found a breakthrough not just for myself but for a methodology that could profoundly impact others.

From working within the confines of clinics to stepping into the broader realm of holistic wellness, I discovered that breath is the bridge between our physical and emotional worlds. It was this nexus, this powerful intersection of therapy and deep, pre-verbal storytelling, that led me to create Breathing Your Truth.

Breathe Your Truth wasn’t just born from personal revelation; it was forged in the real-world application of helping others transform their lives. Among those I’ve had the honor to guide are Olympic athletes—individuals for whom physical performance is paramount. 

My work with them wasn’t just about enhancing their athletic prowess; it was about showing them how the quality of their breath could transform their performance, their health, and ultimately, their happiness.

These athletes, like many of us, were caught in the belief that value and worth are measured by performance. But through breathwork, we unearthed a powerful truth: our intrinsic value goes far beyond our achievements. 

The real victory lies in breathing into the fullness of our being, in finding peace and vitality within ourselves that radiates outward.

As Breathe Your Truth grows, it stands as a testament to the subtle, yet profound transformative power of breath. It’s a community that extends beyond the boundaries of traditional therapy, welcoming physical therapists, psychologists, yoga instructors, and anyone intrigued by the profound simplicity of breathing.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to guide you closer to happiness through the power of breath. Whether you’re an elite athlete or someone navigating the daily stresses of life, your journey toward wellness begins with a single breath.

This is the essence of Breathe Your Truth—a journey back to our foundational stories, reshaped and retold through the breath. 

It’s about unlocking a level of well-being that transcends physical and emotional boundaries, one that brings us closer to our true selves.

So, as our story comes full circle, we invite you to embark on this journey with us. 

To breathe deeply into your life, discover your truth, and find the joy and peace that have been waiting for you, just a breath away.