Breathe Your Truth Coach

Why Become a BYT Coach?

Prevalence. Breathing pattern dysfunction is likely more prevalent than well-documented research estimates. Historic evidence indicates 2-12% of the population has a breathing pattern dysfunction and more recent evidence indicates 25-50%. Modern life seems to be on track to catalyze even greater breathing dysfunction.

Significance. While prevalence is one reason, significance is an even better reason. This work is a chance to sit down with another human being and create space for them to connect to something that is everything from sweet and insightful, to bold and profound. For all of us, breath work has the power to improve our physical and emotional place in the world. For many, it is a portal to natural wisdom. We find that doing this work with others echoes forward for us as well. The more I do this work with other people, the better I breath. Learn this work for yourself, for others, lean this work for the planet.

We’re on this journey with you.

 David Deppeler, founder of Breathe Your Truth


This work fits nicely into a variety of care settings: Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Dental, Acupuncture, Medical, and more. Certified coaches my elect to limit coaching to their own clinical, in-person practice or they may decide to go big and consider coaching and teaching for Breathe Your Truth.

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Coach Testimonial

Testimonial: Breathing is one of those things that we all tend to take for granted. As a Physical Therapist I always talk with patients about breathing and using breath to help patients relax, engage their core, center themselves, decrease tension in their muscles, etc. I felt pretty confident in my patient education in this area of practice. However, within the first hour of the BreathWorks course I realized I was only discussing/teaching the tip of the iceberg and there was SO MUCH more we could be leveraging through breathing. This class has an amazing balance between science/research, hands-on practice, and overall philosophies on the vast importance of breath. You leave the class with a whole new toolbox of objective measures you can use to help identify what needs to be targeted, and how to incorporate this work. Highly recommend!

Lindsy Palisca PT, DPT

Clinic Director

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy – Camas Washington

Coach Testimonial

“This course work is vital to the next generation of Physical Therapy and has great application in orthopedic PT.”


Aimee L. Jackson PT, MSPT

Therapeutic Associates Cedar Hills Physical Therapy

Coach Training Series & Certification

There are five required components to BYT certification. Training can be engaged without committing to the full certification program but must be completed in the designated order.

BYT 100 provides the fundamentals of breath work and can be taken as a stand-alone course. The course provides the basic tools to help instruct healthy breathing related practices and provides valuable education tools for patients.  BYT 200 builds on the fundamentals and includes training on the CapnoTrainer®.  BYT 300 builds on the activities and techniques of the three phased approach to this program, with an emphasis on Phase 3 activities.  BYT 400 is an on-line written exam and BYT 500 is the in-person or web-based mentorship component.


8 hours


(CapnoTrainer®  required)

8 hours

Advance Practitioner

8 hours


3 hours


10 hours


The CapnoTrainer®… and why we use it

The Capnotrainer™ is a biofeedback tool developed by Better Physiology. This device allows us to monitor breath carbon dioxide, a key indicator of breathing behavior and blood chemistry. Providers will need to purchase or have access to this technology. Learners may want to have their own device for home practice, but this is NOT required. Many learners are successful without purchasing the technology for additional practice.


Physical Therapist Testimonial

I feel so fortunate and appreciative to have been able to purchase the Capnotrainer and put my new program into effect right away. I have completed EIGHT Breathworks evaluations over the past two weeks since receiving my Capnotrainer. People LOVE it and the buy-in for breathing work is immediate. Through a normal course of care with half of those patients, my clinic will have paid for the cost of the device. That’s amazing to me.

Allison Harney, PT, DPT

Clinic Director

Therapeutic Associates Oak Grove OR

These resources are available to coaches that have completed our Breath Your Truth coaching courses.  Please contact us for more information.