BYT 100 – Live Online Course


  • BYT 100 provides the fundamentals of breath work and can be taken as a stand-alone course. The course provides the basic tools to help instruct healthy, breathing-related practices and provides valuable education tools for patients.
  • Total Time:
    • 8 Hours
  • Dates:
    • Part A Friday, November 6, 2020 2 PM – 6 PM CST
    • Part B Saturday, November 7, 2020 8 AM – 12 PM CST

Course Description:
This first course in the series lays the foundation. It is content and theory heavy, while the second two courses are more experiential in nature. Breathing connects everything from blood-gas levels, heart-rate variability, nitric oxide, thought patterns, emotional regulation, digestion, cardiac function, movement efficiency, meditation, daily activity, and athletic performance. Not all breath work is created equal. Base knowledge, activity timing, instruction, practice, and patience are key. Capnography and other technologies can speed learning. This course gives the learner a solid foundation to change the way they approach breathing.

Course Objectives:
Participants will leave with:
• An appreciation for the importance and relevance of integrating breath work into physical therapy practice
• An understanding of the three-phased approach to the Breathe Your Truth program and how to use the Breathe Your Truth website to support clinical practice
• An understanding of respiratory physiology and the factors that influence breathing
• An understanding of optimal breathing – mechanics, physiology, and thinking
• The ability to put together a breathing program in response to COVID-19
• An ability to identify appropriate candidates for this type of breath work
• An ability to perform a basic breath work exam
• An understanding of the basic progression of activities
• An appreciation for the value of capnography and other technologies

This course is best suited for health care and wellness practitioners with an understanding of basic human physiology.

None, other than an interest in the effects of breathing well and a curiosity of how this might influence current practice patterns. This course is best suited for health care and wellness practitioners with an understanding of basic human physiology.

• Web-based or In-Person training
• Lecture with lab. The lab can be done without treatment tables.

• For the Online course: A computer with adequate video and sound capability.


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