dedicated to helping people use the breath to improve health and performance

About Breathe Your Truth

Combining modern science and ancient wisdom, Breathe Your Truth helps improve overall health and peak performance by using the power of breath. We’ve trained in breathing physiology, capnography, mindfulness, intermittent hypoxic training, and hyper ventilation practices, Yoga and Qi Gong – to build a program mixing today’s technology with yesterday’s deep connection to the breath.

Breathe Your Truth launched in 2020 after decades of study and clinical work.

We work with people on-line, and in-person, providing

  • Individual coaching – fast-track progress by working directly with a coach
  • Self-paced learning – work on your own
  • Coach training – learn how to help other people use the breath

BYT Creators

David Deppeler

Role: Founder, Trainer, Coach
Location: Cocoa Beach, FL
more about David

Kelly Reed

Role: Trainer, Coach
Location: Portland, OR
more about Kelly

Kat Burns

Role: Trainer, Coach
Location: Eugene, OR
more about Kat

BYT Certified Coaches

These practitioners have rocked all 5 components of the Breathe Your Truth Coach Training program.

Caleb Dotson

Role: Coach
Location: Own Your Health Physiotherapy, Spokane, WA
more about Caleb

Ray Arreguin

Role: Coach
Location: Wildwood Physical Therapy, Portland, OR
more about Ray

Jennifer Tostenrud

Role: Coach
Location: TAI Cedar Hills, Portland, OR
more about Jennifer

Marilou Lamy

Role: Coach
Location: Kartii Physiotherapy, Vancouver, BC
more about Marilou

Amy Goddard

Role: Coach
Location: GO Sports Therapy, Joplin, MO
more about Amy

Noel Tenoso

Role: Coach
Location: Advance Sports and Spine Therapy, West Linn, OR
more about Noel

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