Unlock the Power of Your Breath for Calm Clear Energy

Combine modern science and ancient wisdom to improve your health & performance without dramatic life changes, even if you’ve tried other practices and failed.

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Sleep better

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Breathe Your Truth In 3 Simple Steps...

1. Discover Your Breath Fitness Score

Kickstart your journey by assessing your current breathing patterns. Our unique scoring system will provide you with a clear understanding of where you stand and the potential areas for improvement.

2. Choose Your Path

Tailor your journey to suit your style: individualized guidance from a coach who will work closely with you, or select a self-paced training program, offering the flexibility to explore and implement techniques on your own time.

3. Embrace Your New You

Experience the profound impact of optimized breathing. Feel more energized, focused, and balanced - your vibrant truth, your vibrant life.

David Deppeler, Breathe Your Truth Founder and Coach

Revitalize Your Life with Breathe Your Truth

Discover the power of breath with Breathe Your Truth, a program tailored to reconnect you with your inner vitality.

Whether you choose the personalized guidance of a coach or the flexibility of our self-paced training, our unique approach begins with understanding your individual breathing score. This score serves as a foundation for your journey, designed to enhance your mental clarity, improve your sleep, and empower you with the resilience to manage stress.


David Deppeler, PT, DSc

Founder & Coach, Breathe Your Truth 

Discover Your Breath Fitness Score

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